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Had your beautiful car damaged? Need us for insurance claims? Or perhaps, you just need general servicing for your beloved car? Come to us! Be it air-condition needs, spray painting or your car's tyres & rims, we have it!

Below are the services we offer:

General ServicingGeneral Servicing

Tyres & RimsTyres & Rims



Insurance ClaimsInsurance Claims

Panel beating & spray painting servicesPanel beating & spray painting services

Air-condition system service & repairsAir-condition system service & repairs

Car Wash & Grooming Services

Car wash

Has your car lost it's shine? Tires looking greasy? Want to make it look as if it's brand-new again? Or perhaps, clean your car from the inside? Come to us! Be it geting that lovely shine or being able to see light reflecting off your car, we have it!

Below are the services we offer:

General Car WashGeneral Car Wash

Interior VaccumInterior Vaccum

Exterior Grooming / PolishExterior Grooming / Polish

The ActiveDew™ Mist

Sanitization. Deodorization.

The ActiveDew Mist is made of bio-degradable extracts

It is non-toxic, non-corrosive and conforms to Aerospace standards

The careful choice of mist dispenser produces suitably fine and consistent micron sized mist, which suspends within your vehicle cabin, settling on all surfaces, penetrating crevices and hard to reach spaces

It thoroughly eliminates harmful bacteria and fungi that may exist in your vehicle and air condition system

It does not mask your problem; it eliminates them

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