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Laser Shades are THE original magnetic car window shades developed by employing the latest 3D Laser scanning technology. These perfectly fitted car window shades are of the highest quality and can be quickly fitted and removed.

Laser Shades Product

Stay Cool

Since Laser Shades fit the profile of the window exactly, they ensure maximum protection from the sun. The shade material creates a layer of protection that will block heat and radiation, allowing the car to cool quicker and STAY COOL.

Heat Isolation
Heat Blocker

Ease of installation / Removal

Laser Shade Magnetic

Installation of the product is very simple. Laser Shades have high strength magnets embedded in the shade frame to allow quick and easy attachment to the window frame of a vehicle. Thanks to the magnetic installation, the shades are also easily removed.

As the magnets are inbuilt within the shades, there is no need for use of clips* or any add-on for the shades to work, ensuring a fuss free installation process with no possibility of losing any clips* or add-on.

*For windows where metal surfaces are not available, the shades are developed to press-fit into place or to rely on small clips.

No Obstruction of Views When Driving

The perforated shade material maintains visibility through the glass even in the dark. Coupled with a half-piece design for the front row shades, Laser Shades ensure that the driver's views are not obstructed when driving.

Laser Shade A Row

Durability, Effectiveness and Safety

Our Taiwan-made shades have been put through various tests and certifications to ensure that our drivers enjoy a cool and safe ride. Vigorous testing by institutions such as SGS and TUV using established international standards have confirmed the following:

  1. The durability of the construction and material of the shades, having put the shades through extreme temperature, vibration, compression and rotation (twist) test;
  2. The effectiveness of the shades in reducing light/heat transmission and UVA/UVB transmission;
  3. The safety of the material used in the construction. This is especially important as the shades are used in high temperature. The shades are tested for many safety parameters, including flammability and the absence of release of volatile organic compound or VOC under the expected operating temperature.

For test fit and purchase, please visit our head office from Monday to Friday between 9.30am to 4.45pm. Please give us one working day advance notice if you wish to visit our head office on Saturday. We will also be able to transfer the shades to one of our automotive workshops for your convenience, but would require at least 2 working days’ notice. All location addresses and opening hours may be found here.

For enquiries on Adon Shades & Laser Shades, please contact us at:

Telephone: (+65) 8161 4128
Retail: (+65) 6281 1335 (Mon to Fri 9.15am to 5pm, most Sat 10am to 4pm, excluding PH)

TUVRheinland Certificate
TESTEX Certificate
RoHS Compliant Certificate
SGS Certificate

Benefits of Laser Shades

Laser Shades Benefits
Laser Shades Benefits
Laser Shades Benefits
Laser Shades Benefits
Laser Shades Benefits
Laser Shades Benefits
Laser Shades Benefits
Laser Shades Benefits
Laser Shades Benefits

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