D-Pro Gas Spill Guard Singapore


D-Pro Gas Spill Guard is a patented product. It is a simple yet innovative protective guard which helps to prevent the pump nozzle from knocking and scratching your car during the refueling process. It also prevents the petrol or diesel drips from coming into contact with the vehicle chassis / paint work. The latter may leave undesirable marks and consequences.

Why D-Pro?

D-Pro is made from a premium material which is resistant to petrol and diesel and is designed to last. What's more, it is a patented design in multiple countries. You no longer have to worry about oil stains on your precious car, nor carry around a cloth just to wipe away the drips. D-Pro Gas Spill Guard will ensure that the fuel will drip onto the ground instead of your car.

If you are worrying whether D-Pro Gas Spill Guard will be able to fit into your car, rest assured as we have two different sizes! D-Pro mini is able to fit all car makes, seeing as it is 9cm in width. As for vehicle models which enjoys a wider fuel cap area, we have the D-Pro, which is 11cm in width.

Why D-Pro

Ease of installation

Installtion is quick and simple. Due to it's foldable nature, all you have to do is to slot it over the fuel entry opening and forget all about it! You do not have to worry about the hussle and fussle of taking it out, as it can be stored inside.

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